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Coartem® 80/480

What is Coartem® 80/480?

Coartem® 80/480 is a dosage strength of Coartem®, designed to improve convenience and acceptability in adult and adolescent patients weighing 35 kg and above or aged more than 12 years. One Coartem® 80/480 tablet is bioequivalent to 4 tablets of Coartem® 20 mg/120 mg in healthy adults4 and has a well-established safety profile4 as Coartem® 20 mg/120 mg, but with only one tablet to take, twice a day, for three days.5,17

Coartem 80/480

This means that for adults and adolescents weighing 35 kg and above or aged more than 12 years, just 6 tablets need to be taken for a complete 3-day treatment course rather than 24. This reduction in pill burden may promote greater adherence (compliance) to treatment, and may therefore have a significant impact on the successful treatment of malaria.4

Coartem® 80/480 is the first 80/480 mg ACT prequalified by the WHO for quality, safety and efficacy.1


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